You don’t need to be afraid of a dirty washing machine


A smelly washing machine is not a rare mistake, but it can be removed by regular cleaning of the appliance. Such cleaning will also help improve the overall performance of your device, and when it comes to thorough cleaning, there are several components to which you should pay special attention, since this is where dirt and bacteria are most likely to hide.

These areas include …

Soap box:

Do you have a black film that covers your soap box or is it stuck in the corner of the box? These are bacteria that, if your device is not cleaned, will accumulate over time and generate unpleasant odors.

Solving this problem is not difficult, and it can be done in minutes by removing the car’s box and immersing it in hot soapy water.

Filter for washing machine:

If you do not clean your filters, this can cause an obstruction, which in turn generates a series of problems, two of which are that the machine does not fuse or the drum does not spin. In nine out of ten cases, cleaning the filter in the washer is a simple task. But there will be cases when it is difficult to remove the filter due to the protruding forks.

In such a situation, a small cautious conviction can help you loosen the filter without causing additional damage, which will allow you to clean the part and return your device to its former glory.

Door seal:

This may be a small part, but it plays a vital role, especially in preventing leaks. However, like all parts of your washer, the door seal is susceptible to dirt and bacteria, which produces unpleasant odors.

Every few weeks, the door seal should be cleaned with soap and warm water and a clean cloth. Such cleaning will not only prevent bacteria and germs, but also give you the opportunity to inspect the part once again, ensuring its excellent condition.

Any defect with the door seal or if it feels difficult to knock, then you will need a replacement, which is another simple repair to perform at home, at low cost.

Together with the regular cleaning of the parts mentioned above, so that your washing machine runs at full capacity for a longer time, it is important to perform maintenance every month or two.

Such washing involves putting the beste wasmachine 2019 in the hottest washing mode when it is empty, and using a water softener and detergent to clean the interior. Such washing will kill bacteria and reduce unpleasant odors, while cleaning and disinfecting the inside of your appliance, as well as the drum, will help it work more efficiently.

If you spend time cleaning these components regularly, you can store unpleasant odors from the washer and run at full capacity for longer.

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