Moving House Tips: 6 Things to Do When Moving House


Whenever you are given the task to move to a new house, then there are certain moving house tips which you have to keep in mind. To begin with, here are 6 important things which you need to do when moving house?

Most importantly, one has to incorporate his self in some big physical stuff job and completing small bits of paperwork while moving to his new home. By following this guide, you will no longer experience shifting house horror stories.

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  1. Labeling and writing description on boxes properly

Most noteworthy, one should not avoid or forget to label his boxes while moving to his new home. This is an obvious fact which you should always remember. People often tend to forget to label their packed boxes while rushing themselves to their new homes.

Furthermore, labeling your boxes will help you identify and make it easy for you with respect to the fact what you are looking for.

Moreover, you need to label your boxes with the help of a marker pen. Mention your room name on it and the list of things which you have packed in that box.

  1. Using strong and sturdy boxes when packing material

In addition to, when packing your materials for moving, then always use the strong and sturdy boxes. If you are not going to use the right packing material, then you will ultimately end up having and facing a number of issues.

Besides, the wrong packing material brings a risk of damage to your belongings. Beyond, choose those kinds of boxes which are strong enough. Avoid using those boxes which are easy to collapse or tear open instantly.

Also, do not use those boxes which had food stuff items in them previously. In this way, your belongings will be surrounded by some nasty odor.

  1. Give a final clearout inspection before leaving a house

Most probably, you need to give a final and thorough clearout inspection before you leave your old house. Do check and inspect that everything is properly cleared.

Make sure to pack every single thing prior to leave your old house. As an example, some people overlook to shift the cupboard which is present under the stairs.

At times, they tend to forget to pack the items of their garden shed. So, what’s the bottom line, before you load all your belongings and essentials into the truck, do give a final clearout check to your home.

  1. Get all front and back door keys of your new house from the previous owners

Moving to some more moving house tips! It is from the last home-owners that you have to get all the front and back door keys for your new house.

Do ask for the keys if there are any assigned to the windows and conservatories. However, you can check in advance and get the assurance from the previous home-owners regarding whether you have got all the keys or not!

  1. Do take services from the moving house professionals

A lot of your friends may offer you a helping hand with respect to this moving house job. But instead of getting emotional during this phase, it is advisable to seek and take the services of moving house professionals.

No matter your lovely and caring friends brings loads of cars for this house shifting job. Still, you have to remain sensible. Contact any house moving company. And ask for the needed and required services from them.

These companies ensure that their customers get 0% tension when moving to a new house. Lastly, these companies and house moving professionals manage to keep things emotion-free, tension-free and stress-free.

  1. Hand Carry the important stuff with you

The last important tip regarding moving house is to hand carry your important stuff and essentials.

This includes medication, toothbrush. In that hand-carry bag, keep clean underwear, some cups, and the kettle with you. Thus, by keeping these essentials with you, your first night sleep in your new house will become a lot easier.


Which other moving house tip you want to share with us, do let us know. If you have experienced some great moving house times, then pen down and convey to us that as well.

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