Repairing Your Home After a Big Storm


Weather patterns are changing around the world, and that has never been more apparent than in your area. Winter warning of more snow, less rain, and colder conditions by one forecaster turn into less snow, more rain, and warmer weather by another forecaster only a few days later. When a super storm hits your area, whether you are expecting it or not, the damage to your home can be tremendous. Here are four storm damaged areas around your home that you should fix right after the storm passes to protect your house, and yourself.

  1. Fallen Trees

If a tree fell onto your property or the street in front of your home, you can count your lucky stars it missed crashing into your house. Call a tree trimming or removal service to chop the wood into manageable sections. If you have a fireplace and wish to keep the wood, let the service know.

  1. Broken Chimneys

Heavy winds and blowing debris can severely crack and damage your chimney, which in turn can make it unsafe to use. Call in a chimney rebuilding Washington DC service to repair the damage before another heavy storm comes through the area and potentially knocks the chimney over and causes damage to your roof.

  1. Torn Roofing

Blowing debris and heavy winds can tear pieces of roofing off the top of your home and leave it vulnerable to further damage, pests, and rainstorms. A roofing company can immediately place a tarp or canvas over the area to protect that section until the service can come in and repair the damaged area.

  1. Shattered Windows

It is a simple truth that heavy winds, blowing debris, and glass do not mix. When storms move through your neighborhood and shatter the windows of your home, keep your family and house safe by calling a glass repair company immediately.

You cannot protect your home from all storm damage, but you can make repairs quickly to mitigate further problems. Your home will thank you by keeping you safe and dry during the next big storm.

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