Techniques on the Correct Use of Concrete Saws


As a vital part of any building procedure, the solid sawing technique is utilised for making precise cuttings and openings through any material. In this article, you will check out a few different concrete sawing techniques.

Dry and wet sawing techniques

Any moment of the construction of a building process might require making openings for doors or windows, pipes and electrical cables. Besides concrete, this strategy is likewise useful for cutting any product, such as bricks or tiles, masonry and other difficult surface areas. The need for concrete sawing has increased in recent years, precisely due to quick and efficient cuts through walls, floors and other surfaces.

First and foremost, the concrete sawing strategy can be dry or wet sawing. Dry sawing is used in massive outdoor projects due to a significant amount of dust that is caused. This strategy utilises a diamond blade that does not require water throughout the operation and secures against overheating.

Wet sawing works the opposite way. In this case, the blades deal with water, and for that reason, it prevents dust presence. So, we can say that this method is eco-friendly, compared to dry sawing.

Floor sawing and wall sawing technique

As its name shows, the flooring sawing technique is used for making any cutting on flat surface areas, such as concrete floorings, roads and slabs. There are special flooring saws, operating on diesel and electrical supply. They can be utilised indoors and outdoors too, readily available to cut up to 500mm depth.

The wall sawing method is utilised for making openings on vertical surfaces. It is the best method for cutting your wall for new windows and doors. Tools used for this kind of cutting are wall saws.

Wire saws and Ring saws

Wire saws are used for developing various types of shapes in multiple sizes in reinforced concrete. This strategy is utilising wire rope ingrained with diamond beads. Not producing fractures around the cutting surface is perhaps the best advantage of this strategy. They are typically used for making large openings into walls.

For little and medium-sized concrete sawing jobs – the ring saws are ideal. Since of their small size, they are also called handheld tools. Employees use these tools if they are faced with a limited indoor area.

Last but not least is to make sure that you always use a  vacuum dust extractor when doing anything that involves having to deal with solid particles in the air. The latter can cause long term health problems that can prove dangerous to your health.

Whether you do wet or dry sawing, floor sawing, wall sawing, wire sawing and ring sawing – the option is huge and in your hands. As you might have already realised, it is not so much about buying the best concrete saw in the market but instead using the right tools and techniques for the job.

When you are dealing with tasks that involve the use of power tools such as diamond cutters, the margin for error is minimal. Mistakes can result in injury or even death. Learning about such things ought to prove invaluable and help you avoid just that.

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