What is the Best Flat Roofing Material?


If you are planning to build an extension, a flat roof would seem like the obvious choice, and there are several materials that make for excellent flat roofing, which include the following:

  • Glass Reinforced Plastic– Fibreglass GRP is specially fabricated for flat roofing, and offers a watertight and seamless finish. You only have to look at some examples of quality flat roofing in Blackpool to see how attractive and functional fibreglass roofing is, and no real maintenance, the roof should give you many years of trouble-free use.
  • EDPM Rubber– This is a very cost-effective way to protect your extension against the elements, and lost roofers have experience with installing rubber roofing. This really is a fit and forget solution that is both seamless and waterproof. The roof would first be covered in thick plywood, and with sealant applies when the rubber is installed, you have a strong and durable roof.
  • Traditional Felt– While a felt roof might need a little maintenance now and then, the multi-layered finish ensures that water cannot penetrate. If installed correctly, a felt roof will last for several decades, and it is ideal for that harsh UK climate, and it does have a unique charm all of its own.

Whatever material you choose, make sure the roofing contractor has the necessary experience with the specific material you have chosen. Any reputable roofer would have no hesitation giving the customer a very long warranty, which is a reflection of their workmanship, and once the roof is complete, you can finish the project and start to make use of that much-needed extra living space.

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