What Makes Porcelain Tiles A Popular Choice?


Porcelain tiles are known for adding a stylish touch to every area of the home. These tiles are highly popular for versatility. And this is also the reason why these tiles are used to decorate both the walls and floors. The best thing about porcelain tiles is that these can be used for decorating both indoor and outdoor areas like patios and areas near the swimming pools.

But why porcelain tile is considered so popular? One of the main reasons is that these tiles are harder and stronger than the ceramic tiles. It is because the porcelain tiles are made through a process that includes firing and processing raw materials. As a result, there is less water absorption. This is also the reason why porcelain tiles are highly suitable for almost every application.

Now let’s have a look at the types of porcelain tiles available:

  1. Polished porcelain tiles: This type of porcelain tile is available in semi-polished, matt or gloss finish. These tiles are prepared through a few methods. Besides, here the glazes can either have a pattern or a solid colour with a matt or gloss finish. Once the polished porcelain tiles are glazed, there is no requirement of sealing or any further treatment.
  2. Unpolished porcelain tiles: These are created by injecting dry pigmented powdered clay into a mould. And then the mould is pressed and fired. As a result, each tile comes with a different pattern. Besides, this type of tile never needs any specific treatment and sealing is also not needed.
  3. Double-loaded, full-bodied and colour bodied porcelain tiles: It is the variation of porcelain tile where the pattern and colour of the tile run all the way through biscuits. This variation also includes a single colour to the base from the surface of the tile. The double-loaded tiles are mainly prepared by compressing double layers of clays together. These tiles are perfect for high traffic spaces.
  4. Digitally printed porcelain tiles: This is another type of polished porcelain tiles. And it is also the latest process of tile production that allows the photography of the natural materials to be digitally printed onto the tiles. This creates natural looking appearances. And these tiles also don’t need sealing.

How to take care of the porcelain tiles?

The ways to take care of the porcelain tile entirely depends on the tile type. But, it is important to thoroughly clean the tiles initially to remove the invisible residue like haze, grout or the wax residue. It is possible to clean and maintain the porcelain tiles quite easily on a regular basis with a help of a cleaning solution recommended for cleaning porcelain tiles. Abrasive things like harsh chemicals, wire brushes, bleach, and steel wool must not be used.

In the case of porcelain tiled floors, it is important to clean up it immediately in case of any spill. This can help to avoid grout stains. Besides, it is also necessary to use floor protectors on the legs of furniture to avoid any damage.

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