Easy Tips for Decorating Your College Dorm


College dorms are often tiny and bare! It can be boring for most students. Take the time to spice it up with the décor tips we’ll suggest in this short post. No need to spend a fortune or go through a major renovation to give your room an upgrade!

  1. Get Personal

To create a cozy space, make the dorm more personal. It will give it a homey feel. Use personalized decors, including canvas prints and picture frames. Formal college graduation announcements can also be recycled and transformed into a decorative piece in the dorm.

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  1. Use Washi Tape

For a cheap and easy way to decorate your dorm, washi tape is a must-have. This craft tape is essential in the kit of home décor lovers. There are endless ways to use it in your dorm, such as for lining bookshelves, making frames on the wall, and adding life to a boring lampshade.

  1. Pick a Color Scheme

Start by picking the colors to use in the dorm, which will dictate your choice of décor. It is best to choose warm or neutral colors if you want it to be more relaxing. If you want it to be more energetic, choose bright and loud colors.

  1. Add Life to your Walls

Never leave your walls bare. It is one of the best parts of the dorm if you want to get creative with your décor. A good idea is to start a photo mural, which will always remind you of your family and friends. Hanging a wall art also works, especially if you made the art yourself. You can also make your DIY wallpapers to make it look livelier.

  1. Add Plants

For creative dorm décor, you can never go wrong with plants. They take up minimal space, but they are a great way to add a pop of color, especially if you have white walls. You can hang a planter or just add a small potted plant in a table. If it is a large plant, you can put it on the floor. Plants don’t just look good but also help to improve indoor air quality. They make the dorm room less stressful.

  1. Let There Be Light

Lighting can do a lot to make the dorm look good. Choose a lampshade with a design that reflects your personality. Hang a chandelier if you want the dorm room to be more elegant. Hanging a string of fairy lights on the wall is also a good idea, which will make the room look magical. You can also use lights as wall art. Choose lights that are not too bright. They should not generate too much heat to make the dorm comfortable.

Don’t live in a boring dorm! Keep in mind our suggestions above and make it a space you won’t want to leave!

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