Why Screed Makes for the Ideal Flooring


Screed is a mixture of sand and cement that is laid onto a concrete substrate, which can either be the finish, or the screed serves as a substrate for carpet or timber flooring. There are quick drying forms of screed that can be walked on after a few hours, and with local screeding services in Guildford, you can order the exact amount you need, as there is no wastage.

  • Ready Mixed Liquid Screed – Any amount of top quality screed can be ordered, and with state of the art delivery, anhydrite screed can be pumped and laid in a very short time. Anhydrite screed is much stronger than regular screed, and once laid, it can be walked on within 24 hours.
  • Thermally Efficient – Liquid screed is very thermally efficient, making it ideal for underfloor heating, and with a 50mm thickness, the heating up time is very quick, giving you warm floors almost immediately.
  • Cost Effective – Liquid screed is cheaper per square metre than traditional screed at 50mm thickness, which makes it a very popular flooring for both commercial and domestic customers. The supplier levels the screed when it is applied, and they can pump large volumes in a relatively short amount of time.

If you have a flooring project in the pipeline, an online search will help you locate a local liquid screed supplier, who will mix and apply the screed to your specifications. Whether a large project or a house extension, liquid screed makes for an ideal flooring substrate that is suitable for timber, vinyl or carpet covering.

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