Make a Difference with a Quality Stonemason


Stonemasonry is an old art form which involves the creation of buildings, structures and other sculptures. Skilled stonemasons also specialise in repair work and restoration projects. If you have a property which needs expert attention from a qualified professional, a stonemason will have it in incredible condition once they have finished. When choosing a stonemason in Glasgow, you must shop around and speak to several craftsmen. Ask about their experience and see what they have to offer, a first-class stone masonry company will specialise in an assortment of services, including:

  • Stone Restoration and Repairs
  • Sandstone Restoration
  • Stone Masonry Repairs
  • Repointing of Brickwork
  • Stone Cleaning

With such a specialist trade, it is important to find the right person for the project. Here are some things you must remember in order to select the most suitable contractor.

Accreditations or Experience?

Many people look for accreditation over experience, but you should look for a person who has finished plenty of similar jobs to the one you need done. They should be able to show you a portfolio of their work, so you get a sense of what they can achieve.

How Do You Feel with Them?

You should always feel comfortable with a person who you invite into your home to carry out any type of home improvement project. Are they polite when you speak? Do they return your calls on time? You’ll need someone who is a good communicator, if it’s a big project they may be there for quite some time, so you’ll want clear lines of communication.

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