Commercial Refrigeration – A Boon For Food And Pharma Units


Commercial refrigeration is a larger version of our domestic refrigeration; it uses the same type of technology, the only difference being its size and purpose. When certain items have to be stored at a certain temperature to preserve them for long periods then need to be kept in a container where the temperature is controlled. The basic principle of a refrigerator is that at lower temperatures the reproduction rate of bacteria is also low keeping the items inside it from perishing. The first example is that of cool drinks or ice creams, they have to be kept in containers where the temperature is maintained at a certain level. In case of ice creams, if they are exposed to higher temperatures they will melt. Aerated soft drinks which are also known as cool drinks have to be consumed when they are cool. Apart from these, there are certain types of cocoa products that need to be stored in the refrigerated containers. Various kinds of meat and meat products too have to be stored in containers where the temperature is to be maintained at a certain level. Milk and milk products too have to be stored in refrigerated containers or else the bacteria which are inherent in milk will multiply and spoil the milk.

Preserving Without Perishing: Usually, the commercial refrigeration is used where large quantities of perishable items have to be stored. Some of these refrigerators are as large as rooms especially in units that store or make large quantities of items that have to be refrigerated. These places have to maintain high standards of hygiene; hence, the ones who enter refrigerated places need to wear separate clothing that is disinfected. Apart from the food items, many pharmaceutical drugs and medicines especially vaccines have to be stored in refrigerated containers. Many pharmaceutical manufacturing units have their own refrigerated places where such types of medicines are stored. Some of them are kept in small ice boxes while being transported and are kept their till they are administered to the patient. Commercial refrigerators consist of large rooms which are isolated from other areas and the entry of it is restricted to a few personnel in order to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Regular electric supply is ensured to them, provisions for supply of electricity through generators are made in cases of emergencies like power failures. Regular servicing is also done and defects are detected before hand and required repairs are carried out to avoid any kind of breakdowns.

Changing Our Eating Habits: Commercial refrigerators are built and serviced by companies that specialize in them. Normally, these companies undertake the turnkey projects where the refrigeration unit is made and installed by them, servicing for a certain period is also carried out by them. In many cases, such units are made to order as each organization has its own requirements like temperature, size etc. Commercial refrigeration enables consumers to enjoy seasonal fruits, vegetables and other food items throughout the year mainly due to its ability to preserve food stuffs; moreover, the taste and smell of these items are preserved as though they are fresh. Juices from fruits are extracted when they are ripe and preserved under refrigerated conditions; they can be consumed as and when desired thanks to refrigeration with which it is possible. Commercial refrigeration has brought a lot of changes in our eating styles, giving us access to eatables which were not possible in the past. Even though many of us have refrigerators in our homes it is not possible to store the quantity or range of items that is possible in commercial refrigerators. With the advent of commercial refrigeration many new companies specializing in food and pharmaceuticals have come up while opening new possibilities for expansion in the existing ones.

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