Disposable Plastic Flatware Are Convenient To Use and Adds Value


Plastic silverware provides the ease of easy and quick cleanup in food service establishments because of its disposability feature. Disposable flatware is vital for many establishments, especially the ones providing casual catering services, fast food joints, cafeterias, concession stands, and other informal eateries.

Manufacturer of silver plastic cutlery has designed flatware that resembles genuine stainless steel. This can certainly reflect your business style and impress the guests. Even customers can just place these flatware bins on their food tray or throw them in their to-go bag conveniently. Caterers find these plastic utensils beneficial because it’s lightweight and easily transportable. In addition, it brings ease to the staff’s cleanup process.

You get to select from heavy weight flatware to eco-friendly options. Moreover, the colors to opt for range from versatile clear to classic white to sleek black.

Things to consider while selecting plastic flatware

Heavyweight versus Medium Weight

Heavyweight cutlery has great density, so they are heavy and gives the user a grand feeling of value and quality. Moreover, due to its denser aspect, heavyweight flatware is perfect for tough and heavy food like meats and pastas.

Alternatively, lightweight cutlery includes lighter density in comparison to its heavyweight counterpart. The feel of value and quality also differs but this is the most cost-effective solution for salads and desserts.

Therefore when you try to decide the kind of flatware needed for your food service station take into consideration the kind of feel (excellence and importance) you desire to convey to the customers along with the varieties of food included in the menu.

Why Eco-friendly Options

Biodegradable and compostable plastic flatware is more expensive in comparison, so why go for it? What are its benefits for your establishment?

Biodegradable and compostable plastic flatware breaks down easily and decomposes. The landfill waste is reduced and thus, it preserves the environment. Participation in minimizing waste build-up can help to preserve the environment for next generation.

Eco-friendly options gives peace of mind. Customers appreciate and start to support and sponsor your establishment. Word of mouth outweighs the cost of advertisement campaigns

Individually Wrapped Flatware

Popular take-out restaurants and food joints find individually wrapped flatware, an extremely convenient option. It keeps all the utensils needed by guest wrapped neatly in plastic packaging or linen like napkin. Even the customers don’t have to grapple frantically around their take-out bag searching for spoons, forks, and knives. Everything is packed together for easy access.

Individually wrapped flatware promotes sanitation. Your staff does not have to be anxious about taking hold of the wrong end of spoon, knife, or fork, while serving. Everything is contained neatly that eliminates the possibility of contamination and even customers appreciate the fact that they are getting completely clean utensils.

Disposable Bread Knives, Spreaders, and Serving Utensils

Besides disposable forks, spoons and knives, you can select serving utensils ranging from large serving forks and spoons to ladles and tongs. You can put bread spreaders and knives for customers to use and throw them as soon as they are finished. There is no need to worry about misplacing or losing these at catering events because these inexpensive serving utensils can be replaced easily.

Petite Plastic Flatware

Petite plastic flatware allows customers to experience the sample taste of your signature dishes. This small flatware is convenient for serving small portion at banquet. Guests can walk and mingle, while enjoying the dishes without any worry of dropping large bulky utensils.

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