Stainless steel fencing options


There are many spaces in your home, both inside and outside, that are begging for a touch of steel fencing. Be it your outdoor balcony, staircase, the veranda leading to the staircase, pool area, porch, or Juliet balcony, steel fencing might just be the missing touch.

Steel provides a durable and attractive solution to any fencing need. Furthermore, steel fences are generally welded. They don’t have moving parts, so they’re more stable than nailed or hinged fences. Whether it is for safety, privacy or aesthetic purposes, you cannot go wrong with stainless steel fencing. Let’s validate this.

Stainless steel can be used in the manufacture of staircase handrails. No one is too old to take a tumble down a staircase. This is probably why there are handrails fitted with tubular infills for additional safety and support. The fall down a flight of stairs can be quick but also painful. Tubular infills provide extra protection, especially for children, who would otherwise find themselves in a precarious situation. Safety precautions aside, the polished and consistent look of steel will seamlessly blend with your style.

The staircase is not the only dangerous part of your home. The fall from the veranda leading to the top of the staircase would equally be devastating, if not worse. Handrails with tubular infills will provide the necessary support in case of a slip-up.

A pool in your backyard is probably one of the best sights to have in a home. Why ruin that by putting a fence around it? Well, it’s probably one of your neighbourhood’s strict rules. However, it doesn’t have to be a bitter pill to swallow. With steel fencing, you can retain your yard’s aesthetics and still prevent those accidental dives into the pool. Besides, who wouldn’t want a cool breeze on a hot sunny day? The gaps between steel bars guarantee this.

The front porch is an ideal space to get lost in the shade, complete with a rocking chair and a good book. It’s the first thing people see when they approach your home, and a spruced up porch can improve a home’s appeal. For an enclosed look, why not go with stainless steel railings? They are low maintenance and give your home a refined look. Tired of sitting down? No problem. Lean on the steel railings and enjoy the fresh air without the worry of toppling over.

Your balcony is a quiet getaway complete with panoramic views and fresh air. In warm areas, stainless steel handrails would be a great addition because it lets the breeze in and allows your house to be part of the surroundings while still providing safety against falls. Now with your enclosed surrounding and free space, you can grow small plants and even have a barbeque area or a small study table. Make yourself a burger or a steak as you enjoy your glorious view.

The Juliet balcony gets its name from the scene in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. It’s a mini balcony characterised by railings that sit just outside the window. Juliet balconies are situated on the upper story of a building. They are designed to give the appearance of a full balcony, and they’re great for a small hanging garden on the narrow ledge. It is relatively easy to install. Just bolt it securely to your existing wall.

Tubular pool fencing often has decorative features like screw caps and shaped balusters. The screw caps can be spiked, carved, or finished with elaborate detail. The balusters themselves can be square, round, diamond-shaped, or twisted. They are galvanised and finished with powder coating to keep them resistant to rust, corrosion, and weather patterns.

You can buy balusters with raked bottoms. These work well for outdoor fencing, especially at the boundary, or by the pool. They are ideal for sloped yards, facilitating the regulatory minimum distance between the bottom rail and the ground.

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