What to Consider When Getting a Skip Hire


There are many reasons why you might need a skip hire. You may want a remodel done on your home or a renovation done on your business. If you are in need of a skip hire, some of the things you should consider are discussed below.

What You Need in a Skip Hire

Your choice of business should provide skips in an array of sizes. The goal is for you to be able to dispose of all construction debris.

Some heavier items need smaller containers because putting them in the largest size would weigh them down too much. Again, a variety of options is necessary.

If you are searching for a cheap skip hire in Weymouth, don’t forget to check references of nearby companies for a well-done job recommendation from previous customers.

You will also understand a lot about a company based on how they advise you on what size skip you need. Don’t let them rush you into making a decision. A good company enables you to ask questions and gathers information from you to help you make the best decision.

A Grab Lorry

Choose a company that also has options for a grab lorry. A grab lorry is especially needed if you don’t have enough room for a skip in your space.

Grab lorries are also valuable for customers because many companies will actually deliver building materials to you in a grab lorry and they will wait while you fill it with debris and then haul it away in the same trip. These are some of the materials many companies deliver in a grab lorry:

  • Stone
  • Aggregates
  • Other building materials

Grab lorries are also useful if you are gathering many different kinds of waste. You can have more grab lorries in the space you have to help store the different materials.

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