Renting a Bigger Skip for Your Home Project


There are many reasons to choose a skip for your project, but choosing the right size skip is a bit of a challenge. Having an experienced company to help you is ideal. Consider the following as a general guide.

In general, skips usually come in the following sizes:

  • 3-yard
  • 4-yard
  • 6-yard
  • 8-yard
  • 10-yard
  • 12-yard
  • 14-yard
  • 16-yard
  • 20-yard

10-Yard Skips and Smaller

The smallest skips are often considered mini-skips. These would be the 3-yard and 4-yard skips. Many of these are a full two feet shorter than the skips in the next sizes up.

The medium-sized skips are 6-yard, 8-yard, and 10-yard skips. Most of these size skips will have a drop door on them as well for easier access. 

So if you are looking for a 6-yard skip in High Wycombe, you can be assured these smaller-size skips will hold materials such as clay, soil, and concrete.

12-Yard Skips and Bigger

As a general rule, when you reach the 12-yard skip sizes and larger, you will begin to monitor what is placed in these skips. Too many heavy materials can make these skips dangerously heavy.

If you are renting a 12-yard or a 14-yard skip, the materials you place there must be medium to light or the skip will become too heavy.

If you are renting a 16-yard or a 20-yard skip, the debris must be light, or the skip will become too heavy.

The problem may come in knowing what is medium and light. So check with the company you are renting from before you make your final decision. The last thing you want to do is be asked to remove debris from your skip so the company can dump it!

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