What Do Locksmiths Do?


For as long as there has been civilisation, there have been locks to secure buildings. When locksmithing started almost 2500 years ago, it was an art. Each lock was painstakingly made by hand from wood and metal, with hours being spent on intricate parts and fitting. The ancient profession of is locksmithing is now more science than art. Today’s modern locks and security systems are far from the old style locks of the past. Master locksmiths of the 21st century are still being called out to save a customer from a Lockout. They still cut keys to locks or to patterns and still change and install locks. But this is the computer age and locksmithing jobs are more complex than just changing locks. The trusted locksmith services in Preston have the knowledge and training to do the following.

  • Area Security -Access Control Systems are cutting edge when it comes to area security. Depending on what system and control are installed, one key card or code or fingerprint or proximity token can secure all or some of the access to your building. You can even control access with a PC and interface with lighting and security systems. No more changing keys, no lockouts and control of your home or business is at your fingertips.
  • Online Key Cutting – Need that spare key but have no time to visit the locksmith? These days, many coded keys can be ordered, cut and delivered to you via online request.

Modern locksmiths not only perform the traditional locksmithing tasks, but also provide you with up to date technology. From old to new, your trusted locksmith is there for all of your lock and security needs.

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