Two Hot Trends in Oven Design


Buying a new oven seems more complicated than ever with all the modern features available these days. Two hot trends in oven design are well worth considering if you’re upgrading your kitchen: Convection steam ovens and ovens with French doors.

Cheers for Convection Steam

If you want to speed up food preparation and also eat a healthier diet, then choose a convection steam oven, which combines convection and steam in one oven. As a convection oven, fans distribute heat around the oven so that food cooks faster, with less energy and more evenly. As a steam oven, food stays moist and holds more of its nutrients. To generate the steam, you fill the oven’s reservoir with water before cooking. Some models can be hooked directly to your plumbing system. You can also use only one mode, convection or steam, depending on what you’re cooking.

Ovations for French Doors

Another hot trend is ovens with French doors. These ovens have two doors that swing from the middle out. The genius of this design should be apparent if you’ve ever opened a traditional fold-down oven door and leaned over it to check on roast chicken or some other culinary creation. Bending over the hot oven door, you pull out the roasting pan trying to balance yourself and not spill the bubbling drippings. In contrast, ovens with French doors give you direct access to your creations. French doors also require less space to open than fold-down doors and add aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.

Choosing a new oven can be complicated but it’s worthwhile to spend some time considering new design elements. Convection steam ovens and ovens with French doors are two trends that will improve your cooking experience. No matter what kind of oven you end up buying, when it comes to oven installation in Washington, D.C. be sure to hire licensed and insured professionals for the job.

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