Common Problems with Microwave Ovens


A microwave oven is one of those domestic appliances we just can’t do without, they come in handy for all kinds of tasks. Like any other home appliance microwaves can run into a plethora of problems, if you notice any issues with your microwave, it is best to bring it to a professional repairman before you take it apart and completely destroy it. In St. Albans, microwave ovens can be repaired by knowledgeable technicians who know the ins and outs of home appliances. They deal with an assortment of domestic appliances such as:

  • TV’s
  • Hi-fi equipment
  • DVD players
  • DVD recorders
  • Audio visual equipment

If you’ve a problem with your microwave or any of the appliances listed above, a trained technician should be able to resolve the issue.

Table of Contents

Common Faults

  • Not Heating > This is probably the most common problem when it comes to your microwave, it is usually caused by magnetron failure. If the magnetron is burned out, you’ll need professional help to replace it.
  • Runs & Stops Running > If you are getting a stop start running cycle, you could have a defect fan motor or faulty transformer. The only way to diagnose this issue is to contact an electrical engineer.
  • Button Won’t Respond > If this is happening, there may be an issue with the touchpad or control panel. Another reason could be a faulty main control board.
  • Plate Won’t Spin > When the motor burns out or is worn down, it can’t rotate the plate inside the microwave. A trained technician can easily resolve this by installing a new motor.

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