Top Tips to Achieve a Hotel-Like Guest Bathroom


When you step into your hotel room for the first time, it’s almost a ritual to head straight to the bathroom to assess just how luxurious it is. From mini smellies to the fluffiest towels, the bathroom is always going to play a large part in the overall experience of your hotel room. With this in mind, imagine how nice it would be for your guests to receive this kind of luxury when they visit your home. It might sound a little extreme, but it’s so easy to do and will ensure your guests have a lovely stay whenever they visit.

Adopt a Neutral Theme

In order to create a bathroom that feels fresh and inviting, you need to adopt a neutral theme. A theme made up of whites, with chrome accents will ensure that the bathroom is fresh, clean and bright which is exactly what you want for this type of room. It’s important to invest in high-quality materials including everything from the paint to the filler and grout. You can find a great selection of decoration and interior supplies at building merchants such as Milford’s. Along with the neutral décor theme, you want to ensure your materials stand out and look the part. From marble or stone flooring to a stylish sink or bathtub, you can create a gorgeous space that your guests will love.

Look the Part

The way you set up your bathroom for your guests is really important, as you want the first impressions to be good ones. Spending some time putting together some lovely displays will instantly bring life to the room and reflect the rest of your home. From additional storage to keep towels and essential items neatly stored away, to a vase of beautiful flowers on the windowsill to bring life to the room, you can create a really welcoming space with the simplest of displays. There are some amazing storage units available from Ikea that really help to keep the room looking neat and stylish, whilst still providing you with the essential storage you need in the bathroom.

Add Some Luxury

Most people are guilty of slipping the luxurious minis that you get given in the hotel bathroom into their bags, and why not?! There’s something special about those little bottles that grace the shelf and look cute. Whilst you may not want your guests to pinch the toiletries that you leave for them to use, that doesn’t mean you can’t supply them with a little luxury for their stay. By adding some fragrant hand wash and a selection of shower gels and bubble baths, you’re giving your guests the option to indulge a little and have a hotel-like experience in the comfort of your own home. Get some little minis from Boots and invest in a good handwash from The White Company and your bathroom will be good to go!

Another great feature to add to the guest bathroom is a selection of fluffy towels and a robe. Whilst your home may not be a spa, there’s no harm in leaving a light robe on the back of the bathroom door for your guests to use when taking a shower, or even for if they fancy a glass of water in the middle of the night and don’t fancy wandering around your home in their pjs!

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