3 Situations When You May Need to Call Your Local Pest Control Expert


As UK home owners, we occasionally run into things that we can’t handle by ourselves. It may be too dangerous to try to take care of it ourselves or we might not have the time or the right equipment for the job. Pests are an ongoing issue in the United Kingdom and if they are not controlled, then they can ruin your life.

There are a number of pests to be aware of when you are renting or own your own home or business and to get rid of them you need to look out for trusted domestic pest control in Torbay who will come out and remove the problem for you. Here are some situations when you may need their services.

  1. Wasps are a continual nuisance in the UK and when they decide to set up home on or around your home, it can be dangerous for you, your family and your pets. Wasps are aggressive and great care needs to be taken when trying to move them. Let the professionals handle it.
  2. Pigeons are an ongoing problem for most homeowners and once again, when they set up a home, it is almost impossible to get them to go away. Their droppings are like acid for your roof tiles and after a while it will wear away the protection that your roof offers you.
  3. Rats and mice are an irritating pest. As well as carrying germs, hearing them scurrying in your roof space when you are trying to sleep at night is truly a nightmare.

If you are experiencing any of the above, give your local pest control expert a call and let them help you get on with your life.

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