Nan Inc – A Reputable Name in Hawaii’s Construction Industry


The building industry of Honolulu, Hawaii is an extensive one, but there is one name that has managed to distinguish itself from the rest. This is Nan Inc., which is offering a plethora of professional construction services throughout the state and nearby areas, including, general contracting, pre-construction and design-build. It is one of the largest locally owned and operated companies and has climbed up the ranks a lot faster than any other construction company has done before. None of this could have happened without Patrick Shin of Oahu, owner of Nan Inc.

If you take a look at the history of the company, you will come to know that it had a modest beginning and it was Patrick Shin who single handedly helped the company turn into the force it is today. Before coming to the US, he was Nan Chul Shin who lived in South Korea, but he later changed his name upon immigration. He started Nan Inc. in 1990 with only one laborer to assist him. The first project that Nan Inc. completed was that of installing a road sign, but the company has come a long way since then.

Up till now, Nan Inc. has dealt with more than 3,000 projects that are spread across numerous industries and it has made its mark through every single one of them. No matter what project it has handled, whether it is the construction of a resort, the renovation of an airport, or renovating a historic building, the company has delivered quality and excellence. This has played a vital role in enhancing its reputation because as per Nan Inc.’s founder, they do not make any compromises on integrity. Their goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and this is exactly what they have managed to achieve.

For a company to be able to do so with just thirty years of experience is a major accomplishment. Nan Inc. has completed various multimillion dollar projects and it has considerable resources, not to mention the technical expertise needed for dealing with several projects simultaneously. They have a skilled and professional team of more than 600 people that work for it today and it is constantly adding on more to deliver better services to all its clients. Along with construction, Nan Inc. has also made contributions to the society and community by sponsoring events and donating money and services for different causes and charities.

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