How to sanitize and clean the mattress


A clean mattress guarantees a relaxing night’s rest, especially if you are sure that you are not sleeping in heaps of dusty rabbits and bedbugs. Your mattress may contain large amounts of dust, skin cells, hair and odors, as well as insects and germs. This can not only affect your health, but also the quality of your sleep.

Mattresses are usually at the receiving end of various spots, fluids and dirt, from blood and sweat to ticks and fleas, depending on the severity. Despite all his efforts to protect his mattress with linings, treads and bedding, all the nasty dirty fumes still manage to penetrate deep into the lining of the mattress. The question is how to effectively clean the mattress without destroying it with all kinds of devices and solutions. Here is the article source with some simple steps to clean and disinfect your mattress:

Fix bugs and cure

For those of us who are afraid of the idea of ​​any eerie appearance that inhabits our mattress, the concept of descaling and disinfection makes our hearts happy. Dead insects, that’s all we can handle! Make sure all windows are wide open and there is ventilation in the room. Arm yourself with a toilet jar and spray around the perimeter of the flask. Leave for an hour and spray again, removing the remaining microscopic trackers.


After you free the room, took one of your best vacuum cleaners that you bought from and move in a safe vacuum and suck the life from your mattress. Be sure to place the nozzle in the smallest and narrowest corners. Turn the mattress over and vacuum the bottom to make sure that you absorb insect debris.

Remove stains and stains

If there are visible spots or spots, use an aerosol can and a mixture of water and detergent. Use a sponge to wipe off any stains, rinse and let the stains dry.


Mattresses can be smelly things and should be updated regularly. To get rid of the stench, sprinkle a large amount of baking soda on the top of the mattress and leave for three or four hours. After this time, clean the remainder of the dust.

Let it breathe

Now that your mattress has been thoroughly disinfected, be sure to let it breathe. Keep the windows open and place them so that they rest on the base. This will provide ventilation to the bottom of the mattress.

Finally, use a protective film for the mattress before laying the sheet, as this will prevent other stains and stains from appearing. Voila! Be sure that you can sleep peacefully on a clean and sanitized mattress.

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