Add Drama With Recessed Lighting


Well-place lighting can add drama and functionality to almost any space. Some people prefer overhead lighting while others prefer lamps place in corners or on tables. A happy medium may be recessed, or can lighting, which can be placed anywhere to light the areas you want. Here are some ideas for effective use of can lights.

Illuminate a Closet

If a typical fixture seems too bulky for a closet, consider installing a recessed light in order to make it more possible to find what you are looking for. Take advantage of the electrical services Richardson Ready Electric offers their customers. That way you can be more certain that connections are safely established.

Highlight a Fireplace

A decorative fireplace and mantel could become the focal point of your living room when lit with dramatic spotlights. Install a pair aiming down and toward the fireplace, or just a single one placed centrally above the mantle. Oftentimes a fireplace is flanked by a set of bookcases, which again provides a great opportunity to place a light centered in front of it.

Light Up Your Kitchen

Recessed lighting can add bright task lighting in your kitchen. Focus on the areas above the sink, oven and island. These are the areas where food preparation takes place and more lighting is needed. You could also use can lights to accent a display or gallery wall.

Ambience in Sleeping Spaces

Install a couple of recessed fixtures in the bedroom. Consider a couple above the bed to aid with reading or across the room where it can illuminate a painting or seating area. Keep in mind that many can lights can be wired with dimmer switches and you can also find them with remote controls – perfect for turning off or on from bed.

Recessed lighting works well whether you are remodeling or working on a new build. These versatile fixtures can enhance both the beauty and the functionality of many areas throughout your home.

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