Installations That your Local Electrician Can Handle


Your local electrician has many talents, and aside from fault-finding and general wiring work, a qualified electrician is quite capable of installing the following systems in your home.

  • Installing a Fire AlarmThere are qualified electricians in Burton-On-Trent who spend a lot of time installing state of the art fire alarm systems, and with their expertise, you can be sure of a first-class job.
  • Supply & Installation of Smoke Detectors– Smoke detectors should be installed in every home, as they might just save your life, especially if there was a fire during the night, and with a regular testing and battery change, the units will always be on guard.
  • Keyless Access Control Systems– Many UK homeowners have already made the switch from regular locks and keys, to a keyless access control system that is either password protected or uses a magnetic card.
  • Instant Hot Water on Demand Showers – Your local electrician can supply & install an instant hot water shower unit, which saves a lot of water and energy. Rather than heating a whole tank of water for a quick shower, it is more economical to install a hot water shower unit.
  • Installing Electric Ovens– Any type of electric oven or cooker can be installed by your local electrician, and he can probably supply the unit at a lower price, as he qualifies for a trade discount.

Other tasks your local electrician can handle includes adding lighting or additional power sockets, and should you ever require any of the above, talk to your local electrician.

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