3 Fantastic Types Of Garage Doors Currently Available To Car Owners In The UK.


We are really spoilt for choice when it comes to garage doors in the United Kingdom and in the past, we could choose the reliable up and over door, but that was it. Thankfully, times have changed and garage doors now have been designed to make our lives a lot easier. We still can get the tried and tested up-and-over, but now there are motorised doors, sensor doors, roller doors and many more and it all boils down to your requirements and your budget.

You will find a great selection of the best garage doors in Petersfield and the following short list will give you an idea as to what is available to purchase.

  1. Roller doors are the perfect answer for those that want to save more space in their garages and they only measure 300 by 300 millimetres and have a smooth action that makes them easy to open and close.
  2. Sectional doors are great as they allow you to pull the car right up to the garage door. You don’t need to move the car back if you wish to open it and it comes in manual or a motorised version.
  3. An automated door is the must have door in the UK at the moment as it allows you to stay in the car and use a remote control to open and close the door. This is especially useful in the rainy weather that we experience here.

As with all good garage door suppliers, there are spare parts available for all doors and servicing and repairs are offered as well.










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