I spoke to you last week in my article on the counter choices available at Home Depot Canada! Several materials are available and it is clear that you will find yours, but once our choice is made, how do we make sure that everything is ready to welcome our new purchase!

It seems a bit odd to think that we must prepare our cabinets before installation, but it is not that much! It is important to be well informed to know if the counter that we have chosen can be installed on our existing cabinets or freshly installed by us (aka unprofessional). No matter how skillful you are, there are still steps you can take to make sure everything is perfect.


For granite countertops of natural stones or composite materials other than laminate, there is no problem in terms of measurement since it is the professionals associated with Home Depot Canada who will take the measurements. Having seen it in the case of my granite counter, it is clear that it is better that it is they who do it. Our houses are rarely straight and equal, so you have to be well equipped to have a perfect “fit”.

The countertop technicians came to my house, measured my kitchen precisely using a laser. There were obviously no surprises during the installation. I did not know how precise it was until very recently when I wanted to move my island and that I noticed a beautiful curve in the stone which followed my wall perfectly. So make sure BEFORE taking the measurement that the desired location is there to stay!

When I moved my island, we had to open the wall a little to get the stone into the gypsum to have a smaller and more discreet joint. The result is, by far, much more ordinary than when originally done by the pros at Home Depot. I also plan to call them to come and cut my granite for a perfect fit. I am so impressed by the precision of their work! It is clearly impeccable service. I learned my lesson, do it yourself, in my case, it’s a “no go”!

Do it yourself!

It is possible, in the case of laminate counters, to take the measurements yourself. What I have done in the past before my kitchen transformation. Result? Doubtful 45 degree joints and an equally disastrous fit. The house is crooked and it is really better, to ensure quality work, to pay a little more and have it installed. In this case, the counter is guaranteed and if it does not fit, it will be redone. While if you take the measurements you and the counter do not fit, it is your responsibility! It’s a think about it!


In addition, during the experts’ visit, they will be able to advise you on the support to add to the cabinets that will accommodate your counters. In the case of natural stones or made of composite materials, it is PRIMORDIAL that your cupboards are reinforced in order to deposit this mass there.

The specialist advised us to put additional tracks and brackets on the cabinets so that the stone is stable. Detail not to be overlooked if you do not want to end up seeing your cupboards collapse.

Souvenir of my countertop installation, 3 years ago! They even protect the floor!

Have your accessories on hand

When you buy a custom countertop, it is important to have the sink, faucet or any other accessory that will be integrated into the surface. The expert will then take the measures to pierce the counter in the right places for the final integration of the products for a perfect result!

Find balance

You also need to make sure your cabinets are level. A stone cannot be placed on hooked cupboards. It will work too much and it would be a shame to see it crack. Your investment is worth all the thoroughness of the world.

Ask for help

You do not know how? Are you changing your cupboards and not feeling comfortable? I advise you to have them installed by professionals. Sometimes you want to save at all costs and unfortunately, in the long term, you end up paying more by having to start over. One day, I will tell you about my ceramic floor tiles that I had to install 3 times because we wanted to save money. In the end, my bill was 3 times larger than if I had the thing installed by a professional! Think about it!

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