How to choose a cleaning machine with pressurized water?


Pressure water cleaning is a very common way of cleaning in many sectors, jobs and homes; which is why many users and companies have a cleaning machine with pressurized water.

What is a cleaning machine with pressurized water?

A pressurized water cleaning machine consists of a machine that has a high pressure pump that allows increasing the standard pressure of the tap water to a high water pressure that will flow through the hose of the cleaner, water pressure that will be ideal for cleaning jobs.

What is pressure water cleaner for?

A pressure washer is a multi-purpose machine that allows us to perform all types of cleaning work or you can hire some professional company for Pressure washing services Jacksonville. Regular jobs with a pressure washer can be to clean embedded dirt, wash a vehicle, unclog pipes, clean facades and pavements, remove grease and paint stains, remove mold, among many others.

Key factors to buy a pressure washer

Aware that many users have doubts when buying a cleaner with pressurized water, from our experience as distributors of this type of machinery below we will indicate the key factors that must be taken into account to succeed in the purchase:

Electric or gasoline engine? The first decision we will have to make when we go to buy water cleaner is to decide if we want it with an electric motor or a gasoline engine. We will opt for a gasoline pressure cleaner when we seek maximum autonomy without the need for an electrical outlet. On the contrary, we will opt for an electric pressure cleaner, which are easier to use and need less maintenance.

Power. The power of the pressure washer is an important variable to take into account, since it will indicate the power offered by the machine, knowing if it has an engine that allows us to work intensely. However, the pressure and water flow of The cleaner will be more important variables for cleaning.

Pressure of the cleaner. The water pressure that the cleaner will offer us is one of the most important variables to consider, since the greater the water pressure of the cleaner, the greater the cleaning capacity it will offer us, being able to start dirt more easily. , bicycles or garden furniture promptly with a 100 bar pressure cleaner will suffice. On the contrary, for works of intense cleaning in work we will have to opt minimum for a cleaner of 140 or 160 bars of pressure.

Water flow. The water flow of the cleaner is also a variable to take into account, since the greater the amount of water the cleaning will be resolved more quickly in certain jobs.

Cold water or hot water? Most pressure cleaners work with cold water. However, for certain jobs we may need a pressure washer that allows us to work with hot water, which has a greater degreasing power.

Hose length. The length of the pressure cleaner hose is also a very important variable, since it will offer us greater autonomy without having to move the machine. We must buy a cleaner with a length according to the type of cleaning work we are going to do.

Accessories included with the machine. Once the most important characteristics of the pressure cleaner have been decided according to our needs, we must also look at the accessories that include the different machines such as nozzles, brushes, pressure regulation, detergent tank, hose, gun type, transport wheels , etc. Which are accessories that can also be interesting in certain work situations.

Frequency of use The frequency of use is also a factor that influences the purchase decision, since it will not be the same to buy a pressure washer to use promptly than a pressure washer for daily cleaning jobs, however, whatever use we are going to give it We recommend that you always buy a pressure washer from a quality manufacturer that offers quality and warranty.

Conclusions on pressure washers

The purchase of a pressure washer is a very wise decision when we want to clean easily and quickly with water, but it is important to buy the pressure washer suitable for the use that we are going to give it.

The most important variables that we must take into account are the pressure and the water flow, which will be the ones that will mark the cleaning capacity of the cleaning machine; In addition to the purchase of a quality pressure water cleaning machine that guarantees durability and after-sales service.

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