How to Deal with a Blocked Drain


No homeowner would wish to encounter a blocked drain, and should the worst happen and you notice a bad odour around the home, there are several options open to you. While many people will tell you to buy an off-the-shelf product and unblock it yourself, this rarely works. Finding the blockage can be a real challenge and al you might achieve with your efforts, is to make things worse.

  • Specialist Drain Cleaners – If, for example, you wanted emergency drainage clearance in Bristol, an online search would bring up a list of local companies, and the experts have all the equipment to help them identify the blockage and carry out the clearing. Then they would power wash your drains, to remove all residue from the inner pipe surfaces, ensuring a good flow, and you can be sure that your drains will be clear.
  • CCTV – Your drains are a network of pipes and a blockage could literally be anywhere, and rather than digging up the garden, the specialist sends down a CCTV buggy into the drains, giving him a close-up view of the interior. Once the blockage has been located, the technician has a range of power tools he can use to free the blockage, and within a very short time the issue would be resolved.
  • Fast & Reliable – Calling out a drain clearing specialist is the quickest and cost-effective way to remedy a blocked drain, and once cleaned with high-pressure water, your drains will never bother you in the future.

Resist the temptation to unblock a drain yourself, unless you happen to be a plumber, better to call out a specialist, who will make short work of the issue.

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