What to do with a Blocked Drain


Blocked drains are one of the worst types of emergency that any UK homeowner can face, and should the worst happen, resist the temptation to sort it out yourself. The first, and often the most difficult step, is to actually pinpoint the location of the blockage, which might involve digging up half of the garden, and by using the services of a local expert, you can be sure of a quick fix that causes the minimum of damage to your property.

  1. CCTV Solutions – One of the reasons why a drain cleaning specialist can quickly deal with a blocked drain is due to using technology in the form of a go-anywhere CCTV buggy that feeds live footage back to the technician. Whether a blocked toilet in Leeds or a sewer blockage in Manchester, dealing with the professionals will result in a rapid conclusion.
  2. Pipe Relining – It is sometimes the case where a drainpipe has collapsed, which could be due to ground movement or invasive tree roots, and the drainage expert can use a method of pipe relining that does not involve digging up the pipe. This keeps costs down and the finished job is every bit as good as if you replaced the damaged section.
  3. Drain Power Wash – The ideal solution after the blockage has been cleared is to thoroughly rinse through the system with a high-pressure water machine, which removes any partial blockage, allowing the waste to flow freely.

Rather than spending the day trying to fix the problem, simply call out a local drain clearing expert, and he can do the job in no time at all and at an affordable price.

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