Decorating; How To Achieve A Constant Professional Finish


Decorating is a job that many people try their hand at, however the end result will depend on a number of different things. The ability of the person will play a big part, but even those new to the task can come up with some very good results if they take their time and plan ahead. You don’t need to be at all artistic to gain painting and decorating skills, but having a steady hand does help to some extent(although a roll of masking tape can work wonders when painting a straight line). So, how do you go about getting a professional looking finish if you don’t have much experience? We asked Orbital Fasteners for their top tips!

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Preparation is where it all begins; if all you do is paint over chipped and flaking paint then no amount of skill is going to achieve good results. Begin by thoroughly sanding down the old paintwork with an appropriate grade of sandpaper, starting with a coarser grade and finishing off with a finer one to achieve a smooth base.  You’ll need to apply a coat of undercoat in a suitable colour, depending on the top coat you plan to use and leave sufficient time for it to dry before applying the chosen top coat. Make sure you use a decent quality brush to apply your paint. You’ll find a decent 3 Piece Synthetic 1, 1 1/2 and 2inch Paint Brush Set online at a reasonable price which will give a good result to your paintwork. For covering larger areas, you could try a 4inch Synthetic Decorators Paint Brush instead.

Invest In A Decent Roller

If you plan to paint the walls with emulsion, you’ll need a decent roller to get a good cover. Try a 9 inch Paint Roller in Medium Woven Pile with a 9inch Plastic Paint Tray for speedy application of your chosen colour. Just remember to take your time; good results aren’t achieved by rushing the job.

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