Cotton Bedspreads Make You Feel Warm and Cozy


The quilted bedspreads or the Indian bedspreads available at are designed with vivid imagination. They are made from good quality materials to ensure that you feel comfortable in your bed.

Bedspreads are available in a variety of designs and styles. Some bedspreads are made from cotton while others are made from more expensive materials with intricate designs. The style you wish to buy must be based on the way you plan to use it. You also have to consider your interior home decor, so that your bedspreads can match the theme of your overall design. Some of the different bedspread types are given here:

  • Candlewick bedspreadsare made from good quality cotton. They are in use since the 17th century. They come in elaborate textures combined with a wide variety of colours. Most people use them mainly for decorative purposes nowadays. People seldom use cotton bedspreads for keeping themselves warm in bed.
  • Quilted Bedspreadsare very popular these days. It is because of their texture and feel, which is both fluffy and soft. Quilted bedspreads are made from fabrics such as polyester or silk. These fabrics are usually warmer. They are mostly used during winter to keep you warm and cozy. They are costlier but quilted bedspreads are one of the most comfortable bedspreads that money can buy.
  • Knitted bedspreadsare similar to candlewick bedspreads as these bedspreads are also used for decorative purposes. They usually feature traditional designs and are mostly made by hand. Such bedspreads are simple yet uniquely special.
  • Indian Bedspreadsare perfect for the hot summer months in India. Although quilted bedspreads are still the best option for cold weather. They can be used both for decorative purposes as well as standard bedspreads. Indian bedspreads are usually light weight. So they can be easily carried, which makes them ideal for vacations.

There are many other types of bedspreads that you will come across while searching for bedspreads online. In fact, if you feel creative, you can design your own unique bedspread. Now if you wish to know about the different styles of bedspreads that are available in the market, it is best that you browse through the bedding section of


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