7 Unique Uses for Tennis Balls You Never Thought Of


If you have a supply of old gray tennis balls sitting in your garage you’ll want to reconsider before throwing them out for good. Instead, recycle them with them by putting them to use. Here are seven ideas to start.

1. Get Rid of Scuff Marks

Remove scuff marks from floors by attaching a tennis ball to the top of a broom and rubbing the marks with the ball. Simply cut an X in the ball and insert the stick.

2. Park Perfectly in Your Garage

Connect the tennis ball to a string and hang it from your garage ceiling to make a parking guide. The ball should always touch the top left corner of your windshield.

3. Make a Door Stop

Did the dog get ahold of the doorstop again and use it as a chew toy? If you have a spare tennis ball you can use it by wedging it between the door and doorjamb.

4. Protect Hardwood Floors

Sliding chairs on hardwood floors can quickly scuff or scratch them. If you have children who tend to push around the furniture or are worried about marks, simply cut an X into tennis balls and place of the bottom of each chair or table leg.

5. Clean the Pool

It can be difficult to remove the oils left behind in your pool by unaware swimmers. Tennis balls are effective at removing these oils; simply throw a couple into the pool.

6. Do the Laundry

Have you ever thought of throwing a tennis ball or two in the dryer while drying your laundry? Tennis balls can help dry your clothes faster and effectively fluff bedding.

7. Relieve Foot Pain

Rolling a tennis ball under your foot is a great way to help stretch out your foot muscles. This is a great way to relieve foot pain after a long day of work.

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