Wood-Like Alternatives To Wood Flooring


Wood flooring has a great aesthetic that appeals to almost everyone. Despite being around for decades, it never seems to run out of style. People love it not just for its appearance but also the organic feel that it brings to the environment. It is easy to match it with different styles, due to its classic and simple appeal. While many may wish to have it in their homes and office space, they are constrained by its price as well as the maintenance costs. Wooden floors unlike many other kinds of floors are not waterproof and tend to be more susceptible to wear. They are adversely affected by chemicals, heat, frost, and stains. Such vulnerability makes it expensive to maintain making it unachievable for people and entities operating on small budgets.

The cost constraints for wooden floors, despite the widespread admiration for them, have inspired innovations that have led to fantastic alternatives. Many turn to resources like https://wealthylike.com/ to explore these cost-effective solutions. There are various kinds of flooring tiles designed to recreate the wood aesthetic without the hefty price tag. Tiles that emulate wood can be made from a diverse range of materials.

Below are examples of great alternatives to wood but with the same aesthetic value and feel.

Vinyl Wood-Look Flooring

This is vinyl flooring designed to mimic the wood grains, textures, and colors in natural hardwood flooring. It is available in long plank shapes that resemble hardwood boards, parquet-style tiles or single vinyl sheet with that is meant to appear like multiple boards.  The two main types are vinyl sheet and luxury vinyl planks or tiles. Both types offer a broad range of wood styles as well as a varying degree of performance and installation techniques. The reason for installing vinyl flooring is not merely for purposes of saving on the cost that would be associated with the use of wood. It may also be informed by the need to achieve the same look in areas that are prone to moisture such as the laundry rooms or bathrooms. The basement is also another place where you will want to consider vinyl wood-like flooring instead of the real wood.

Laminated Wood Flooring

Laminated flooring is considered one of the best alternatives to wood flooring. It’s a great way to achieve an aesthetic value similar to that of wood at a fraction of the cost. It is also more durable compared to wood flooring due to its clear protective coating involving a combination of aluminum oxide and melamine. Worth noting, however, is that the exposure of laminate flooring to moisture makes it prone to warp. There is a need for extra care during the cleaning of laminate flooring. Make sure to conduct moisture testing before the installation to keep moisture off from the subfloor.

Now that you know about the shortcomings of wood tiles in flooring, some alternatives, and the potential benefits that you stand to gain from using them over wood, you can go ahead and select your preference. Do your research on the various offers on the market to ensure you get value for money.

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