When to Call a Tree Surgeon


Sometimes people hear the term tree surgery and they are confused as to precisely what that means. Tree surgery can refer to any of a number of services that are needed to keep someone’s yard or garden healthy and clean.

What Do Tree Surgeons Do?

Tree surgeons are called in for services that include the following:

  • Stump removal or grinding
  • Tree felling or thinning
  • Crown reduction
  • Full tree or deadwood removal

Tree surgeons can determine which trees to remove from your garden to maximise the amount of light coming through. Because of storms and other emergencies, you may be looking for a tree cutting in Fareham. Tree surgeons can be called to take care of fallen trees as well.

What Sets Tree Surgeons Apart?

Most tree surgeons will remove trees, wood, and logs from your property, but you also need someone you can trust to leave your garden in a clean and tidy state.

Because storms can occur at anytime, you should choose a tree surgeon who has a convenient 24-hour callout service. No matter the type of extreme weather, you will want someone who can equally provide on-call tree services.

Tree surgeons can also diagnose diseases or injuries that most people cannot do.

This speciality can include any health or wellness issues that can have an impact on the appearance and health of the tree. Some of these issues include pest infestations, bacterial and fungal infections, soil problems, chemical and weather burns, and natural and human-caused damage.

You will want someone who has proficiency with power tools and extensive knowledge of trees, proper pruning and trimming techniques, and the warning signs of pest infestation or disease.

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