What to with a Leaking Roof


A leaking roof is one scenario the homeowner does not wish to encounter, and for good reason, as a leaking roof usually leads to damage. Should you notice a damp patch on one of the ceilings, this is a sure sign that water is somehow getting into the internal roofing structure, and this will cause damage to the following:

  • Timber
  • Cement
  • Plaster

It is often the case where a leaking roof is not noticed immediately, and this is when major damage can occur. Regular roofing inspections will ensure that any missing tiles are spotted and replaced before any damage is caused.

Professional Solutions

Unless you know what you are doing, a leaking roof is best left to qualified roofers in Hendon, who will make short work of the repairs. While they are there, you can ask them to give your roof a close inspection, and perhaps get them to clean out the guttering, which can easily become clogged up with wet leaves and twigs.

Regular Roof Inspections

To minimise the risk of roof damage, you should inspect the roof regularly, especially after a storm or high winds, and pay particular attention to the roof shingles, which can easily become dislodged. If you are too busy to do this, call your local roofing contractor who would be happy to pop round every so often and give your roof a close inspection, and this type of preventative maintenance reduces the risk of serious damage.

The best way to deal with a leaking roof is to call in your local roofing company who would quickly make the repairs before too much damage is done.

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