What Should I expect to Pay When Calling Out an Emergency Plumber


This is a question that many UK homeowners are asking, and for good reason, as it seems the variation on emergency plumber visits is indeed wide. Some emergency plumbing services seem to think you have little choice, so they hike their fees up, with some charging astronomical fees for a small repair. Of course, there are reasonable services, and with that in mind, here is a brief description of what you can expect when summoning an emergency plumber.

  • Use a Local Service– This is very important, as the further the plumber has to travel, the more he’ll charge when called out at an unsocial hour. Finding the best plumbing services in Plymouth is easy with a Google search, and with a nominal call out charge, the problem will soon be sorted.
  • No Fix – No Fee– This is the way all emergency plumbers should operate, and providing he knows a little about the problem over the phone, he will have a fully equipped mobile unit and should be able to repair almost any plumbing issue. If he can’t for any reason, they you should not be charged.
  • Waiving the Service Charge– While not every emergency plumber will offer this service, there are many who will. The best thing to do is ask when you call, and should he charge a call out fee, it shouldn’t be unreasonable.

If you are worried about making a call to an emergency plumber, take note of the above and should the first responder ask too much, try another plumber.

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