What Are Common Signs That It Is Time That You Bought A Stair Lift


There are several warning signs that you should stop trying to walk up and down the stairs. Some of these warning signs can be incredibly small, whilst others may be much more obvious. Whatever the signals, you need to make sure that you are not ignoring any of them.

Once you have decided that it is no longer practical or safe for you to use the stairs, you need to make a positive change. Choosing a stair lift is the most practical step to help you solve the problems that you are having on a daily basis. What are common signs that a stairlift built curved in Hertfordshire would be the perfect addition to your home?

You Cannot Get Down The Stairs In The Morning

Your joints can feel incredibly stiff after you have been sleeping, and it might take a long time for the joints to feel normal again. This can be incredibly frustrating and you might need other people to fetch things for you downstairs. Installing a stair lift will make this problem disappear overnight.

Your Knees Feel Stiff After You Have Climbed The Stairs

You might have to go through a lot of pain in order to get to the top of the stairs. Your knees may have started to deteriorate to such a point that you cannot get to the top without being in a large amount of pain. You need to protect your knees as much as possible so that you do not suffer a serious injury. Once you have installed the stair lift, you will be taking a large amount of stress off your knees and you will start to feel much healthier as a result of making such a positive change.

You Get Vertigo When You Are On The Stairs

When you are climbing the stairs, you need to be as balanced as possible in order to reduce the risk of falling. Vertigo occurs when you are unable to cope with the sensation of being too high up, You can feel light-headed, dizzy and very sick. Vertigo attacks can happen extremely suddenly and you might not have much time to grab onto the railings. These feelings of vertigo could be a sign that you should avoid the stairs completely.

When you are trying to retain some of your independence, you should not let vertigo stop you. Instead, you should install a quality stair lift that allows you to be independent in your own home. The main advantage is that you can slowly go higher without feeling dizzy or light-headed. You will forget that you ever had vertigo on the stairs.

You Have Previously Had A Fall

Falling when you are on the stairs is something that nobody should ever have to go through. You should consider installing a stair lift if this has ever happened to you.

You should install a stair lift if you are experiencing any difficulties with the stairs.

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