Want To Save Money? Insulate Wisely


Energy efficiency is the name of the game in home improvement these days. From the DIY weekend warriors to the professional flipping market, the push to make homes that have a reduced energy demand for one reason or another is driving a lot of decision-making when it comes to what home upgrades make the difference in the market. In some areas, the ability to generate power is a huge draw for buyers. In others, it’s an insulation game to bring down the costs of heating and cooling, and in many markets, any green improvements will help.

Enjoy Year-Round Comfort

Homeowners with well-insulated homes report more than just cash savings, they report greater environmental satisfaction in the form of creature comforts. It’s easier to have a comfortable home temperature in both the hot and cold seasons with the right insulation, and the limiting factor for many is and has always been the cost. Insulation can be expensive, because even when the materials are available at an accessible price, the labor can often tip the balance away from the purchase. That’s because many forms of insulation are labor intensive and it can take a while for energy savings to offset a large up-front expense.

Luckily, energy efficient spray foam solutions exist that are inexpensive to buy and to have installed, because they are easier to put in place than previous generations of insulation technology. You can choose what insulation factor to invest in, and the expansion of foam as it settles into place provides a long-lived buffer that you can count on to hold in your home’s cozy environment no matter what the outside throws at you. It’s a great way to enjoy air conditioning without worrying about an energy bill, so much so that global demand is strengthening.

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