Understand All About The Mesh Wifi Network


Talks about the mesh networks have been going around the internet for the past months. Gone are the days when internet users are complaining about wifi routers and wifi home systems that are just causing more problems. These days, the Best mesh wifi can provide you with fast and reliable internet access in style. This is not just a temporary hype. If you learn more about these gadgets, you will realize that they can bring more benefits that can help bring you one step closer to a seamless internet connection.

The Basics Of Mesh WiFi

Mesh WiFi is the current solution to network connection problems. This has nodes that can transmit a strong WiFi signal all across your home. With the Mesh WiFi, you are assured that the WiFi network in your home is strong and stable. There are no dead spots that the signal couldn’t reach. Simply because of the nodes that communicate with each other instead of just relaying a message which old WiFi routers do. This means that the Mesh WiFi Network has faster speeds even from a distance.

The Best Mesh Wifi Of 2019

There are 4 mesh wifi networks that are available in the market these days: Google WiFi, Netgear’s Orbi, Eero Pro, and Linksys Velop. Here are some brief information about each one of them that you should know of:

  • Google Wifi. It was at the end of 2016 when the Google WiFi Mesh System was introduced to the public. Since then, it became a worldwide trend. Google is very well known to produce the most reliable hardware over the years, and they never fell short when it comes to the quality of experience with their Google Wifi Mesh System.
  • This is a product by Netgear, one of the most well-known WiFi router manufacturers worldwide. As a prominent name in this industry, their Orbi is considered to be one of the best when it comes to mesh wifi network systems. Netgear was able to apply their wireless capabilities with Orbi.
  • Eero Pro. With the Eero Pro WiFi system, users can have two to three devices. This gadget is different from the others. Aside from its Home WiFi System which serves as the router, the device comes with up to two beacons. Though it is less specific when it comes to coverage, eero remains to be one of the strongest competitors when it comes to speed and reliability.
  • This mesh network works similarly to the other products mentioned above. They are also sold in packages. The only difference of Linksys Velop is that it can deliver the best speeds even at a distance. This is suitable for small living spaces that have one or two bedrooms around a 2000 square feet area. Even at further distances, Velops can deliver strong signals.

The Future Of Mesh Wifi Network Systems

Even though the mesh wifi network systems are still new, this is becoming more and more popular especially for those with larger households. Some of them have been in the market for a couple of years. With the amazing benefits that they can provide, there is no doubt that the manufacturers of these mesh wifi network systems will do their best to improve their products to be able to cater to what their users need.

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