Traditional Persian Rugs From Renowned Persian Tribes – What Suits You


There is a range of traditional Persian rugs available, so stunning it could make a Sultan’s eyes water! Each tribe has their own specific styles and techniques. While you know your own style preferences, with so much selection available it can be hard to know where to begin. Knowing a little with regards to where you will find certain styles and quality can be useful. Here’s a few highlights from some of the most renowned.

Veramin Rugs – The Elite Choice

With regards to traditional styles, motifs and creation, the city of Veramin and the surrounding villages are considered to be among the elite producers of Persian rugs in the world. Curiously, this is not wide-spread knowledge! This city is situated south-east of the Iranian capital, Tehran. Veramin rugs, are distinctive by their authentic geometric designs, dark red, deep blue and brown backgrounds as well as the primary use of the traditional asymmetrical Persian knot. Some of the nomadic tribes do use the symmetrical knot, otherwise known as the Turkish knot. It depends upon the ethnic origins of the tribe. However, the knot primarily utilised by local weavers is the traditional Persian Senneh knot. If you are looking for the ultimate in traditional design, Veramin rugs certainly fit the mould.

Mina Khani

The “Mina Khani” is among the most popular designs used in and around Veramin. This is a traditional floral design from western Persia. The translation for this is unclear. For some it means “jewel of the Khan”, for others the term has evolved from “aina khaneh”, which means ‘hall of mirrors’ – Because of the repetitive design of the “Mina Khani” it is easy to understand why. This design incorporates rows of symmetrical flowers with four smaller, similar & symmetrical flowers surrounding it. Each flower set is encompassed by a softly curved diamond shape which connects them in a lattice type design. Visually, the overall effect is geometric, elegant and extremely easy on the eye.

Bidjar – Kurdish Tradition and Durability

The small Kurdish town of Bidjar is situated in the mountains of north-west Iran and renowned for heavyweight, durable rugs usually produced using the Turkish knot. Bidjar rugs are a popular ‘modern choice’ – Primarily because they are hard wearing, but also because of their attractive designs (the most commonplace design being Herati, which is also known as fish pattern). Vintage Bidjar rugs are often considered superior in quality to the new designs by dealers and specialists. Even so, the new rugs are still revered as among the best available today. One of the most noticeable differences between the old and new designs is colour combinations. Beige, blue and red are the primary colours for vintage Bidjar rugs. Today more vivid colours are used such as bright pink, green and violet, which makes them very suitable for modern western homes.

Veramin and Bidjar rugs are considered among the best available. You will discover a range of Persian rugs online. Whether you are looking for traditional or modern design, with regards to quality, Veramin and Bidjar are good places to start!

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