Know what to do when an agent shows your house for sale


It is imperative to give potential buyers an attractive first impression when selling your home. Most buyers decide whether to buy within the first 90 seconds of viewing. The following tips will help you prepare better and help you during the show.


The first step in selling your home is to clean it and keep it that way. Too often, sellers will show the state of the house during the first or two weeks, and then begin to weaken.

Make sure there is no bad smell around.

This is obvious, but sometimes we, who are in it, do not realize it. Make sure the house is ventilated and looks fresh and fresh. Also, do not use too many apparent flavors. If you use them, be careful, it makes no sense to cover one smell with another.

Secure your pets

Enclose your pets in their nurseries. If you don’t have daycare centers, place them in the backyard. Keep in mind that not everyone loves pets; many people fear them. At least, it’s a bit annoying, to say the least, when Sparky smells like a crutch of buyers.

Secure your children

I was just kidding! Explain to them what is happening, give them clear instructions about what you expect from them during the show and try to provide them with something interesting to do. Better yet, take them for a walk with them and your pets.

Lighting fixtures

The general idea of ​​the show is to make the potential buyer make a purchase, and there is nothing better than lighting to create the atmosphere, just think about those romantic dinners! Turn on the right balance of the table and floor lights and mix it with natural light. Include the outdoor landscape and pool lighting, if applicable, as well as the entrances and hallways.

Play music

Create a comfortable atmosphere by playing background music such as jazz or classical music. Make sure the volume is set to make it easier to talk and talk.


There is nothing worse than following your potential homebuyers. Homebuyers feel intrusive per se, and, as a rule, it is uncomfortable to move; It will be inconvenient to open doors or talk about the house in front of you. The best thing you can do is leave the house if you can, if not, stay away and give the agent and the buyers a place. Do not offer information, but answer the questions freely if asked.

Word of caution

Buyers in the Montana luxury homes for sale market tend to have high standards, but don’t worry too much. They understand that you, after all, live there! Simply do your best to present your home as well as possible … and always do your best to set the odds in your favor!

Good luck

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