Keep Your Home Clean with Carpet Tiles


Most of us spend hours trying to keep our home clean and neat. The floors are often an ongoing battle. Even if you never wear shoes in the house, you may encounter dust, pet hair, and dirt. Hard floors are much easier to clean than carpet. It can be nice to have a soft area on the floor, however. Carpet tiles are a trending choice for those that want the best of both worlds.

Strategic Placement

Carpet tiles allow for a custom rug design. Full carpeting is a big problem because it goes under furniture. Most people do not move furniture every time they vacuum. Dust and dirt can build up fast under a couch or dresser. Carpet tiles can be placed around the furniture, so the hard floor stays clear underneath. There is still the illusion of a full rug. Check for affordable carpet tiles suppliers in Halifax to get started.


Carpet tiles are much easier to clean than regular carpet or rugs. You can simply remove the squares that are soiled and wash them in the sink. If the stains do not come out, you can just replace that small portion. This is much more affordable than replacing a large rug when accidents happen. Most people purchase a few extra tiles, so they are ready for spills and pet messes.

  • Purchase extra tiles to prepare for messes
  • Clean each tile separately, only as needed
  • Replace tiles when messes are excessive
  • Vacuum all the tiles without having to move furniture
  • Clean in the sink, no need for a larger carpet steamer or shampooer

Carpet tiles can make life much easier around your house. Keep your home clean, while still providing a soft, comfortable area. These new items make having a rug easier and more affordable.



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