Is it Time to Clean Out the Yard? What Can Be Recycled for Cash in Perth


Spring cleaning can leave you with a pile of old scrap metals. That old lawn mower that you’ve meant to get rid of for years, the barbecue that rusted over the winter, and that aluminium lawn furniture that you’ve wanted to replace for as long as you can remember. As you start to clean out the interior of the house, the old appliances end up in a pile, some copper wiring that you’ve had for years, and some lamps that belonged to Aunt Gladis. The pile has grown to a mound; and you look at the back of your truck, knowing it is going to take two or three loads to get rid of the thing. While you aren’t looking forward to the task, you think enough for today, and head to the fridge for a cold beverage.
Western Metal Recycling is the solution to get rid of your scrap metals. You’ve already gone to the hassles of clearing your items and arranging them in one place. Why not avoid the hassles of having to load and haul the items? We are a company that does it for you.
We buy all types of scrap farm metals, including but not limited to steel, cast iron, copper, aluminium, wrought iron, and more. You don’t have to be pulling engines apart to separate the metals; we do that, as well. With Western Metal Recycling you simply get cash payment.
How our process works when buying scrap & old farm metals:
You have some old scrap farm metals that you’d like to get rid of. Whether a tractor, scrap metals, or something else with metal, contact us for a quote. Our appraisers can typically quote an accurate price from the description of the farm metals.
Accept or reject our cash quote.
Schedule a time that you’d like us to come to put the payment into your hands, and have us load and remove the farm metals. Our removal services are a courtesy service to all of our Perth customers.
When we are your choice in a buyer for your scrap farm metals and equipment you get:
• Instant cash payments
• Free removals
• Free recycling
Go green with that scrap metal, and give Western Metal Recycling a call for a quote. We are your company that works to bring you top cash for your metals that you can sell with ease. Call us today at 0415 227 955.

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