Hurricane Prep Tips


As hurricane season looms on the horizon in full force, it’s important to be prepared. In addition to having plans both for immediate evacuation and for staying put in the home, it’s great to prepare a home or apartment for experiencing the full force of a storm. Here are some great tips to prepare for hurricane season and make sure that Florida’s best roofing is on the case.

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Boarding up windows before a hurricane is one of the most common first steps, and one of the best steps to be taken. One of the most basic preventative measures is to build a simple plywood cover for a window. Measuring a window and matching the plywood to the shape, then screwing in the cover or securing it with bolts or clips, will eventually act as another barrier between the home and the outside world.

A more advanced form of preparation is known as window film. This product is available in most home improvement stores all year round. Hurricane film is designed to prevent glass shards from making it into a house or apartment itself, in the case of a window breaking due to extreme winds.


Florida is beautiful and sunny most of the year, which means that many homes have glass or wooden doors to allow light or warm breezes. The most simple fix that can be done to an exterior door is to do a check of all hinges, screws, and fixings. Any loose places will be more susceptible to high winds. Glass doors can often undergo the same kind of preparation applied to windows and be all the better for it.

Yard Prep

Lastly, landscaping can be a critical way to improve a home for storms. Doing something as simple as trimming long, vulnerable tree branches can save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars of potential damage to a home. Clearing up any small debris before a big storm is a great habit.

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