How to Prepare Your Home for a Chimney Sweep


Taking care of your chimney is important, that’s why you should schedule regular maintenance and cleaning with a professional. Your chimney should be cleaned at least once a year, if you don’t want to get dirty and you’d like the job to be done right, it is sensible to call a chimney sweep expert to take care of the project. You’ll find several good companies who offer an affordable chimney sweep in Bromley. If you’ve only just moved into your home and you aren’t sure when the chimney was last swept, a professional will assess the structure and offer their expert opinion.

Many homeowners aren’t sure about when they should have their chimney swept, aside from yearly maintenance, here are some other common reasons to clean the structure.

  • You’ve noticed soot falling into the fireplace
  • You can get a strong smell of soot in the room
  • You’ve just moved into a new home and you’d like to have it thoroughly cleaned
  • You think you may have animals such as birds or squirrels

Before the chimney sweep company arrives, you can take steps to prepare your home. Although they’ll use their own protective measures, you can still help out with other aspects of the job.

Table of Contents

Home Preparation

  • You should remove all items from the mantelpiece and hearth surrounding the fireplace
  • Get rid of any unburnt fuel, so the area is clear of any debris
  • Remember to cover all furnishings in the room
  • Remove all valuable belongings from the room

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