How To Get Started on Building Your Dream Home


Whether you are an existing homeowner, or a first-time buyer, a custom-designed house is a thrilling process to go through, full of landmark steps along the way. Below are some ideas to consider as you embark on this journey to your perfect home.

Pull Inspiration

Perform some research to figure out what you want or do not want in a home. Doing so will allow you to have a better idea of what is non-negotiable, what is doable, and what is an idyllic aspiration for your home-to-be. Pour over home design magazines, blogs — everything — and save the images for future reference. These photos will be helpful during your consultations with a design team, and can serve as further inspiration when the dust has settled and the time has come to style your brand new home.

Outsource for Expertise

Working with a firm specializing in custom architectural design will allow you some peace of mind throughout the duration of the project. Those photos you have been stockpiling for inspiration can be reviewed, and translated to the best of their ability into a fully-realized construction plan. A firm will also be able to ensure what can or cannot be done up to city code, while protecting the most desired aspects of your dream home.

Do the Paperwork

Constructing a new home comes with some red tape, so expect a bit of downtime between conception of your home and the breaking of ground on your new home’s lot. The drafted plans of your house, replete with the proposed building materials, must be submitted to your city or municipality for approval before construction can begin.

Building a custom home is a lengthy process, but so worthwhile when it comes to putting down some lasting roots. Begin pooling your inspiration today to form a stronger idea of what your dream home looks like!

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