How to Brighten Up your Roof


If you have your heart set of sprucing up the front elevation of your home, there’s a lot you can do to give your property a minor face-lift. Very often, it is the roof that lets you down; resurfacing the driveway and installing new fencing surely makes a difference, yet the roof has a dullness about it.

  • Power Wash – The best roofing services in South Yorkshire would be happy to power wash your roof, and while they are doing that, why not have the roof sealed? Power wash will bring up the tiles like new, and with a clean surface, a sealant can be applied, and that will prolong the life of your roof.
  • PVC Fascia & Soffit –The fascia and soffit protect the roof line, and with PVC, you have a range of attractive colours, and a maintenance free solution. Changing the fascia and soffit will brighten up the roof by adding some colour and contrast.
  • Stainless Steel Guttering – Stainless steel is the ideal material for guttering, and with a wide and shallow form, this will reduce the risk of a blockage. Old guttering designs are half pipe, which allows wet leaves and twigs to congest, while a wide and shallow shape makes it easier for the rainwater to escape.

Once the roof is looking sharp, you can resurface the driveway and order new fencing, and if the garage doors have seen better days, there are some stunning examples available from online suppliers. Then all you have to do is trim the hedges and the face-lift is complete.

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