How Professional Plumbing Services Can Help With Blocked Drains?


Are you annoyed with constant blockage of the drain in your kitchen? Are you disturbed with that strong smell coming from your kitchen sink? If yes, then there is a strong chance of blocked drain. The annoying situation can be extremely tough to handle as it makes your surrounding stinky and unhygienic. But what are the options you’ve to get rid of such serious problems? Surely you need to get the bes plumbing Newcastle service to solve the problem completely.

If you think how professional plumbing can help you to get rid of blocked drains, here are a few points for you.

Recognition of pipe

Pipe recognition is an advanced approach, and professional plumbers can do it in the right way. They use their experience and techniques to find the actual part of a pipe that is blocked and then clearing the pipe is a matter of a few minutes.

Professional plumbers clear the blockage properly

Eliminating the blockage inside the drains is another important step. A professional plumber can do that perfectly by removing the blockage causing materials like food particles and soap scum etc. Professional plumbers know the right technique and methods of removing the clogged particles from drainage and can be very helpful when you need.

High-pressure jet

When the blockage is large and tough to remove, a technique is known as “high-pressure jet” is used. With the help of this technique, plumbers clear the pipe using water flowing with a lot of pressure. This technique is successful in most of the cases of drain blockage.

The right use of auger

A drain auger is a very useful tool used by the professional plumbers to remove the blockage from drains. Knowing the right placement and use of the auger is very important, and that’s when professional plumbers do their job perfectly.

The auger perfectly detects the exact part of the blockage and pulls out all the unwanted drains from inside. Once the unwanted drains are cleared, professional plumbers clean the pipe thoroughly with hot water to get the pipe into proper hygienic condition.

They use the right chemicals

Sometimes a few chemicals are needed to dissolve materials like hair, soap scum, and organic wastes. Choosing the right chemicals is the key as some chemicals can be dangerous for both pipes as well as surroundings. Professional plumbers know everything about the chemicals and their usage. They choose the most suitable chemicals to make sure there is no damage to the pipes, and the chemical is not very harmful to the environment as well.

These are some advantages of hiring a professional plumber to clear the blocked drains. Clearing the blocked drains can be a little challenging at times. If you are also annoyed with the blocked drains, you shouldn’t try different ways of clearing them. All you need to do is to hire a professional plumber. You will have to spend a few pennies, but you’ll surely get the advantages of professional plumbing services — after all, professional plumbers know everything about pipes, drains and blockages.

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