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Are you a coffee person or a tea person? Do you also find it impossible to start your day without gulping caffeine shots the first morning? Then, WoodGreen UAE has what you are looking for. A comprehensive collection of exquisite coffee tables designed just following your taste.

Every modern home is incomplete without a designated coffee table. Everyone craves a luxury and durable coffee table – which serves as a comfortable spot in their homes. WoodGreen has a wide range of modest coffee tables designed in alliance with contemporary trends. Our coffee table designs are in alignment with modern trends.

One of our most popular pieces, this multi-purpose coffee table is a fantastic addition to a spacious lounge for a comfortable sitting experience. Convenient for both inside and outside settings. Made of solid wood sealed in a case of walnut veneer, it enhances your lounge experience. This one is a must-have!

  • Walnut Coffee Table With A Glass Top

A Walnut coffee table is a durable piece of furniture, a must-have accessory for every lounge. This purpose-built, elegantly carved, the square-shaped table can be an ornament for any space. It has a glass top and a lower space functioning as a storage box for almost anything – from your car keys to your laptop bag or a bundle of books.

  • An Oceanic View

An Ocean View is One of our most stylish pieces. This contemporary yet sophisticated coffee table is one to look out for. The wooden contrast of brown and blue imparts an image of desert and island. This scenic piece gives your spaces an artistic vibe. Watch out, and this one is a surprise!

  • A Play On Colors

This table has a vibrant texture, bound to light up your cosy spaces. This table is playful yet classy. This table will brighten up a dull room or lounge.

It is a fusion of intelligent furniture and traditional design. The rich brown colour makes it an attractive lounge accessory

  • A Ray Of Gold

A ray of the gold table has a cover of gold dust, and this piece is an experience of its own. This one catches the eye from far behind to its shimmery texture and vibrant colours. This coffee table will look like a thousand-watt bulb under a hanging light, making it look like a sun. This one sure gives an instant glow to your home and office spaces.

  • A Pure Wooden Experience

These are for old time’s sake. Walnut veneered wood meticulously for our valuable customers.

It is a fusion of intelligent furniture and traditional design. The rich brown colour makes it an attractive lounge accessory.


Question No.1

What makes WoodGreen’s Coffee tables worth it?


Our coffee tables are designed in harmony with your basic needs yet cater to modern tastes. Our coffee tables are one of a kind in the market. Coffee tables are durable, less space-consuming, and valuable for homes and offices alike. These can enlighten any place and exude warmth, comfort and convenience. WoodGreen is an experience in furniture like never before.

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