Can Strong Winds Compromise the Structural Integrity of Your Roof?


The summer months in West Yorkshire bring mostly mild, sunny weather with the occasional bout of rain. Although this period doesn’t last for as long as we would wish, it is a perfect time to enjoy the outdoors and relax in the sun with a cold beverage. As we move away from the summer, harsh weather can affect the condition of our roof. Companies who specialise in metal roofing in Huddersfield know first-hand the damage heavy rain, strong winds and hail can do to our roofs.

If you need a quality roofing contractor to repair or assess the condition of your roof, look for these characteristics:

  • Fixed prices – no hidden costs
  • 24-hour response
  • Full accreditation & certification
  • Years of experience
  • Work fully guaranteed
  • Services approved by local council authorities

Table of Contents

Loose Material & Debris

Strong winds tend to find loose material on your roof and exploit it. If your roof is damaged in any way, the wind usually finds a way to make it worse. If you’ve tiles on your roof, strong gusts can dislodge them exposing the roof membrane. When it starts to pour rain, water penetrates the structure and causes all sorts of problems.

It isn’t just wind that damages your roof, flying debris also plays a major part. Flying branches and other items can hit or become lodged in your gutters or roof. If you don’t call a professional roofer for repairs, the structure won’t function as effectively, leaving your home vulnerable to leaks and other issues.



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