Can I have a Woodburning Stove in a Property with no Chimney?


This is a question that many UK homeowners ask, as they would like a cosy fire in the living room, and if your property has no chimney, this does not exclude you at all. The stove supplier can easily create a flue, which does the job of a chimney, and by using rigid stainless steel fluepipe, essential ventilation can be provided.

Essential Insulation

The stainless-steel flue is well-insulated by a thick layer of insulation material that is sandwiched between the inner and out layer, preventing valuable heat from escaping. The system would be designed around the room, and there are several ways of proving a flue for woodburning stoves in Hampshire, which include:

  • An external flue that runs up the external walls.
  • An internal flue that rises up inside the building.

Choice of Fitted or Supply Only

When purchasing the components to build a flue for a woodburning stove, the supplier will sell you the parts or you can have the system installed, which gives you a choice. Many homeowners are handy DIY enthusiasts who relish a challenge, while others prefer to engage a professional service to install the flue.

Range of Stylish Stoves

Woodburning stoves are very popular in the UK, and for good reason, as they provide a cost-effective and cosy warmth for the living room, and just because you don’t have a chimney, that does not mean you can’t have a roaring fire in your living room.

Talk to the experts, who can be found online, and you will actually look forward to next winter.











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